The JILI table games we provided as below:

Andar Bahar is a popular and simple card game originating from Southern India. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. The dealer will draw the first card and place it in the middle of the betting table. The first card is called the middle card. Players may then choose to bet between two sides, known as Andar and Bahar. Players must place a first bet to take part in the final bet. The final bet will continue if both the second and third card do not match the middle card. After the final bet has been placed, the remaining cards will then be dealt to each side one at a time. The game ends if one side is dealt a card that matches with the value of the middle card and players who bet on it receive a payout. 

Teen Patti is a game of chance that is played at a table by three to seven different players and is played with a 52-card deck, without the Jokers. Ace is designated as the highest value card and ‘two’ stands as the lowest value card. You can either play Teen Patti ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’. The former means that you have viewed your three face-down cards before you place your bet. However, ‘Blind’ play means that you place your bet without viewing your cards. Players can call, raise or show during the calling process.

Rules for Playing ‘Blind’ or ‘Seen’

  • How to Play ‘Blind’
    • Where you choose ‘Blind’ play, your bet should either match or double that of the previous player provided he/she played ‘Blind’ as well.
    • If the previous player played ‘Seen’, then your bet can either match or can be half of that of the player.
  • How to Play ‘Seen’
    • If a previous player plays ‘Seen’, you will need to double their bet if you intend to play ‘Seen’ as well.
    • Where the previous player is playing ‘Blind’, you need to double or quadruple your bet if you play ‘Seen’.


The ranking of the possible hands, from high to low is as follows:

  1. Trail or three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank. 
  2. Pure Sequence or Straight Flush: Three cards of the same suit in sequence.
  3. Sequence or Straight: Three cards in sequence but not all in the same suit. 
  4. Color or Flush: Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence. If both the player’s hands are flush, the highest card will be compared. 
  5. Pair or two of a kind: Two cards of the same rank. Between two pairs, the one with the higher value is the winner. 
  6. High Card: A hand which has no pairs and is not a straight or a flush. If players share a common high card, the next highest card is used to determine the winner.  


  • Special Bonus: Gullak

Each game will collect extra coins (in proportion to the amount of the bet). The better the hands you have, the faster the energy bar accumulates. If the energy bar accumulates to 100%, you will win the accumulated total bonus and randomly multiply the bonus with the highest 500%!


Teen Patti AK47 is the most popular poker game in India. In Teen Patti AK47, you can bet on the full range of bets just as you would in our standard JILI Teen Patti. What makes Teen Patti AK47 different is as the name suggests, if your hand includes A, K, 4, or 7, those WILD cards will make you a winner!